Sunday, November 21, 2010

New Sculpture

The latest project in soft sculpture that I'm working on is a Native American boy baby. I hope to have him done by the end of January or February- no kidding- it takes a long time to complete one of these pieces.
His hair is made of black maribou feathers, his eyes from painted marbles. He will be about 14" to 15" long, completed. Much of the sculpture is created utilizing techniques similar to the great Lisa L. Lichtenfels' work. I have also created many of my own unique methods, using Lisa's methods as a springboard for some of my own innovations. I would definitely like to see more people get involved in creating this kind of art- it is amazing!

It is tedious however, so anyone who wants to go forward with this phenomenal type of art should brace themselves for a lot of dedicated study and execution of the form, if they want to excel in it.