Monday, February 24, 2014

First Wedding Dress Seen in Pineapple Stitch

Does anyone ever remember these magazines? Magic Crochet was one of the publications I looked forward to so much- it was also the first publication where I ever saw a wedding dress (or blouse- I'm not sure what these pictures are of) made out of the classic lacy pineapple stitch- I absolutely fell in love with the idea of having a pineapple stitch lace wedding dress from that time forward :).

The first issue of Magic Crochet I ever bought was the February 1985 Number 34 issue:

inside the issue by a doily on an end table was a cute framed picture of a bride in a crocheted pineapple stitch wedding dress (or blouse):


But earlier in another issue (Number 27- I don't know the year or month) I found a smaller picture of the same framed photo:

the same photo but smaller and not as clear:

I fell in love with the thought of crocheting a pineapple stitch bridal dress and my first attempt back in 1985 resulted in this gown (which can also be seen on Ravelry):

When I crocheted the flaired-skirt gown I was recovering from surgery and made the dress just off the top of my head. Many people on Ravelry have asked me if I have the pattern to this gown, or how to shape the neckline of the straight gown like the flaired-skirt one. I wish I still had the dress so that I could count the stitches and write the instructions :(~ but I don't have it anymore. I hope everyone is enjoying the pattern for the straight gown- any questions can be sent to my email addy: